What is Top10Banners?
Top10Banners is a website dedicated to the advertising service, in which the banners of each of our members are displayed in ranking format, and these banners are shown to the World through the Internet.
In order to display your banners you must be a registered member of Top10Banners.

How can I add my banners to Top10Banners?
You can add your banners in two ways: buying a banner or accumulating points and then redeem them for banners.

  • The first banner has to be purchased, since you don't have accumulated points to be able to redeem them for a banner. The price of the banners is $ 5.00 and can be paid via Paypal or Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, or your Coinbase account).
  • The following banners can be added by buying or redeeming them for points. When you accumulate 10,000 points the system automatically exchanges 10,000 points for a banner in your account. The system checks at midnight if your points are redeemable for a banner. If you have 10,000 points, after midnight a banner will be added to your account.

How points are earned?
You earn points this way:

  • Every time your banners are displayed you get 1 point.
    All banners are displayed on our home page in the form of a ranking. Here the banners shown are from all Top10Banners members.
    On the splash page are displayed only your banners.
    You are free to promote the homepage or your splash page. You will get points with both pages.
    Only views from a single visitor are counted. That is, every time the home page or your splash page is visited, the views that are counted are for each unique IP address, and this is applicable every 24 hours.
  • Every time a visitor clicks on one of your banners you get 3 points.
    As with the views, the clicks posted are for each unique visitor, that is, for each unique IP address. And it is also applicable every 24 hours.
  • For each referral you get you earn 10 points.

How do I earn commissions?
To earn commissions you first have to buy a banner. If you do not buy your first banner you will not earn commissions.
Every time one of your referrals buys a banner you earn a 10% commission. This commission percentage is calculated after subtracting the fees that Paypal applies to each sale.
When your commission balance reaches $5.00 the Withdrawal button is activated and you can request your money. After requesting a withdrawal we will send your money to your Paypal account.
Be sure to add your Paypal account to your profile so we can send you your money.
From the 'Promotion tools' section you can see a list of your referrals.

I have not received the verification email.
If you do not receive the verification email you can check the spam folder of your mailbox. Sometimes Google sends the messages to the spam folder.
If you still do not receive the message to verify your email, open a support ticket.

How can I contact with you?
You can contact us whenever you want, through our Support Service.